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The Age of Oxygen

In the forest
In the forest

Why Oxigenesis? 

The current oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is about 20%. However, many eons ago the earth had an oxygen rich atmosphere making up more than 35% of all the air breathed.


This caused a super-abundance of life to flourish. Scientists refer to this age as the 'Age of Oxygen.' 

It is believed that species alive on earth during this time period would have been more healthy and lived significantly longer.  Read more


This is why we named our company Oxigenesis and now with Oxigenesis and HBOT you can return to the

'Age of Oxygen,' to heal your body and renew your mind.

Enjoying Nature
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


At Oxigenesis we believe in a wholistic approach to health and well being. We believe in you and enhancing the natural power within your body to heal itself, so you can become the best version of yourself in body and mind.

Enjoying Nature
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