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HBOT for Long Covid
HBOT, Long Covid
and Me
I had long covid for over a year and my symptoms were fairly severe. Chronic Fatigue, Cognitive impairment, Sleep Disturbance, Reynard Syndrome, Arthritis, GI issues etc. I was being treated in the Long Covid Clinic and I have tried many different medicines, therapeutics supplements, diets and treatments to little or no avail.
I stumbled across Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) on a chat room and thought I'd give it a go. Well to my surprise after a few 1 hour sessions I started to feel better. At first I noticed that I could laugh, and that I could think straight and had more energy. I also had vivid dreams that night and a good nights sleep without disturbance. After 20 sessions I noticed a bigger improvement in my cognitive ability particularly my concentration to read a book, fill in an online form and plan things in the future.
My fatigue started to lift further. After 40 sessions I started to feel more like my old self and started cycling again without the terrible post exercise malaise and headaches. It was not a miraculous cure, but for me it seemed to give my body what it needed to heal itself. I knew I wanted to reach out to other people trapped in this terrible energy cycle of boom and bust. I decided I wanted to make HBOT more affordable and accessible to anyone suffering in a similar situations. So please do not suffer in silence.
Please contact us for a free trial.

The Science

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