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Image by National Cancer Institute

Cancer and Radiation Treatments


Julie's Story


Julie Peissig had 'the good life'. She had three amazing children with her husband Jeff, with success in her career and at home, it was like a fairytale. Then her world came crashing down after a diagnosis for Breast cancer. Fears and anxiety plagued her mind. She embarked upon radiation therapy to destroy the cancer cells.


However, an open wound developed on her chest that would not heal. On the advice of her doctor she started HBOT. It was an arduous treatment, most weekdays for a year inside of a hyperbaric chamber. Eventually, the wound began to heal. “It was like a miracle was happening right before my eyes,” Julie said. Click here below to watch. 



Cancer Treatments and HBOT


Many women like Julie, develop an open wound that refuse to heal from a Mastectomy after radiation treatments. HBOT works by improving poor circulation by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. Thus reducing the possibility of surgical complications and reducing the need for surgery at all. Also if reconstructive surgery is required HBOT facilitates more successful skin grafts for this very reason. 

Also side effects such as infection, pain, nausea, fatigue, migraines, inflammation, bleeding changes to bowel movements and incontinence can all be alleviated by HBOT significantly improving the persons quality of life.

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